about CSF ONE
about Fornesus

Fornesus aims to produce creative solutions and artistic products to make the world a bit more beautiful, peaceful, and thoughtful.  Whether it's ideas or art, I want to give you exactly what you need to propel your goals.

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about me

I envision a better world where we expect greater humanity and more respect for each other.  I see ideas as the vehicle that can get us to a world with egalitarianism without the limits imposed on us by the powers that be.

Welcome to CSF One.

Welcome to CSF One, a brand/persona that I created to share information, distribute my knowledge, and open up opportunities for myself as a budding thought leader.  I believe that thoughts and ideas are the greatest vehicles that we have in moving towards progress that is truly equitable for all humans.  However, ideas differ and opinions on their feasibility, sustainability, and outright thought clash.

In such a polarized world, we need ideas and solutions that unite humans and also embrace the diversity in traits, thought, and ideas endemic in the human collective.  While force may instill ideas, it is only voluntary, consensual action that can bring forth these ideas into fruition, and this cannot occur in authoritarian and suppressive environments.

To truly achieve the shared goal of improving our communities and, in turn, our world, we must engage in a united effort to use and share our collective knowledge and expertise with our fellow humans and implement these ideas humanely.

Chris Fornesa