Projects and Guides

I have had numerous project ideas throughout my time at HCC and the University of Houston.  At the same time, my time at Liberty University has enabled me to take software engineering as a serious endeavor.

At Houston Community College, I created a proposal for a mini-PC that would integrate several technologies that were modern (as of 2015) to create a portable computing product.

At the University of Houston, I proposed an idea for an application that could ease the lives of fellow disabled individuals in the public sphere, particularly within education and other vital public accommodations.

Finally, I utilized the numerous principles I learned about software engineering to create a guide for debugging in web application development.


A mini-PC proposal to integrate modern fingerprint, laser keyboard, and holographic touchscreen technologies to create a portable computing product.

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An app proposal to improve disability services at educational and other public and private establishments.

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Web Development Debugging Guide

A debugging guide for HTML, CSS, JavaScript for web application development.

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